Crime Scene Sunroom

Crime Scene Sunroom

by Pollinator of Peace

I’m going to tell you now that I did it. I killed those plants. But I really had no idea I was doing it at the time. You’d think that, as a master gardener, I might know better than to water plants that are hibernating in the sunroom, which reached a high temp over the polar vortex week of 20 degrees.

But the master gardener training doesn’t have a module on thinking clearly when you’re snowed in with a kid, a bunch of pets and woefully low supply of dark chocolate and good beer.

So on a trip through the sunroom to take the dog out for a pee, or rather, stand outside with her, repeatedly coaxing to no avail, I noticed that a couple of my wintering geraniums were dry enough to have pulled in from the pots. A quick glance around alarmed me. The purple oxalis I’ve loved and nurtured for years had fainted. The herbs were so parched I swallowed reflexively.

Filling a watering can with water I carefully drizzled water into the pots, which steamed from the cold. This, my gardening accomplices, should have warned me.

The next morning I found every plant I’d watered dead. Really dead. And then it occurred to me. I filled those tiny gorgeous plant cells with water that froze inside them. I scoured my books for resuscitation instructions but the prognosis is bleak.
So, in memory of my jade and oxalis I am sharing my confession. Maybe I’ve prevented another death by sharing my story.
If you’ve committed a plant crime, please join me in the confessional.