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Johnny Handsome

John Prine left us yesterday, and if ever anyone had the right to skid sideways into Heaven, breathless, wrung out, and grinning, it was surely him.
On this second day of my one hundred days of wonder, my art piece and my writing celebrate what he gave me.
I know you were in Heaven before you died, Johnny Handsome, sitting on a rainbow. Bravo.

On A Pink April Moon

There was a pink supermoon swelling overhead
Around the time I heard John switched parties
From the livin’ to the dead

I toasted that old poet
With what should’ve been Souvenirs
But dang if I didn’t start singing
About hurricanes and big ears

As I listened to his music
Stretched out across my bed
A crazy storm of lightning
Buzzed the earplugs in my head

I thought, now that would be something
To wake up tomorrow dead
Johnny Handsome in my earbuds
And me, there on my bed

But when the moon and stars
Hanging out in bars
Saw me through the beeches
They pulled the plug
Tucked me in real snug
And whispered
Plant a little garden
Eat a lot of peaches

I’ll see you in my memories
You know they can’t be boughten
On peaceful waters
Sons and daughters
Won’t let you be forgotten

This art is made of nature, string and John Prine lyrics.

Writer, Master Gardener, Chaser of Wonder.
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