Chasing Wonder

A Brief Compendium on Why I’m Chasing Wonder

To be in love, with butterflies and art and people and nature. 
   To slow down. To be in wonder as long as is possible. 
   To think about why I am here and now. 
   To experience being humble. 
   To be knocked on my arse by amazement. 
   To understand that I will never understand.  
   To be near miracles. 
   To hear the hum of the universe. 
   To let people shine. 
To become friends with stillness, and fear, and strangers,
and a muse, and impermanence, and goodbye. 
   To cheer for something. 
   To believe in the goodness of humanity. 
   To discover. To let go. To whisper. To dance. 
   To be part of the goodness of humanity. 
   To rest. To help.

To leave. To come back.
To hope.
To laugh.

   To say hello again, after the goodbyes.

Writer, Master Gardener, Chaser of Wonder.
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